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Circle_WhyIt’s our mission to help fire departments. It’s why we exist. We know fire fighters serve bravely and we know we can help them avoid common financial mistakes. So they have more money for stuff like gear and equipment.


After financing 1,000 trucks, we changed our approach. Because we realized that people were missing key information. And we couldn’t stand it that we could help more. So, we developed a different approach to fire truck financing. So you can be sure today… and in the future.


You can expect to know more about fire truck financing. You’ll be more confident that you are making the right financial choice. That you’re not making a common financial mistake and preparing your department for the future financially.

Some Details About Us

First Bankers has been serving fire departments across the United States since 1999. We have helped over 2,000 fire departments finance over 3,000 fire trucks.

We are located in Indianapolis IN.

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