How to start fire truck leasing the right way

It all starts with the truck. Once you’re near completion of the truck specs and costs, it’s a good time to talk to a fire truck leasing specialist.  You’ll be asked about your thoughts about payment budget, long-term financial plans, financial resources, and concerns.

If you’d like some help in getting started, we recommend the Fire Truck Leasing Starter Checklist. It will help you make better financial decisions, ask smarter questions, and be organized before you call a banker.

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More Fire Truck Leasing Help

No-obligation strategy session

If you’d like to learn more about fire truck leasing, call for a no-obligation strategy session where you can learn what is possible and some ideas to fit your situation.

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Still convincing the board or council it’s time to buy a new truck now?

firetruck-justification-kitThe free Fire Truck Justification Kit will help you develop a financially compelling case to support your purchase.

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Still trying to determine how much truck you can afford?

Fire Truck Budgeting Kit

The free Fire Truck Budgeting Kit will help you do the math to turn your budget into a new truck.

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